“A catalyst for Britain”

London Medway Airport (LMA) is a proposal for a four runway, 24-hour super hub airport on entirely vacant, on-shore land north of the village of Cliffe in Medway, Kent.

High-speed rail links, world-class passenger facilities, and a community-focus: LMA will serve up to 140 million people per year, and 4 million tonnes of cargo.

We passionately believe that Britain needs a new hub airport in the South East if it is to continue to compete economically with the world.

We passionately believe that LMA is by far the most sustainable and viable option on the table.

The UK and its businesses are continually disadvantaged by the lack of direct links to emerging economies that this nation has. Heathrow is strangling our economy due to its insanely full capacity and lack of opportunities for airlines to introduce new routes.

It is also an airport that is trading on creaking infrastructure that simply could not cope with further expansion.

And of course, many thousands of people in west London live with the miserable cocktail of noise and pollution created by this ancient hub airport.

The future lies elsewhere. The future lies in Medway.


Read our full submisison to the UK Government Airports Commission (July 2013):